Team of Teachers

The educational project of the Film and Video School is faced to the students of both theoretical and practical professional training in the audio-visual field. The team of teachers that it impels and develops this project is highly qualified and specializing in each of the areas of Image and Sound that is given in the Center, turning together with the students into effective agent of the process of education - learning. The combination of practical exercises with the resolution of theoretical questions, turns to the School in Center of audio-visual reference, suitable so that the students acquire the competitions and professional qualifications necessary for the exercise of its profession.

The delivery of the teachers and the equipment with which the School is provided, it makes possible that the exercises and works developed by the students in sets, studies of recording, laboratories of image, radio studies, with systems of apprehension of movements, computer classrooms, film cameras, video, photo and the rest of the technical equipment, turn learning in lively, practical and professional. The rigor of the organization and the academic control exercised by a professorship compromised with the educational project of the center turns to the Film and Video School in a center of reference in audio-visual formation.

From the Center there are impelled real audio-visual projects promoted by the same students forming teams of work that advised by the teachers serve as theoretical-practical learning experience in the audio-visual sector.