The film and Video School (ESCIVI) takes more than 25 years reaching port professionals to the audio-visual sector. A hollow has managed to be done and be a center of reference to regional, and enclosed, state level.

Authorized and coordinated for the Department of Education of the Basque Government, it offers Official Qualifications of the whole branch of Communication, Image and Sound of the Initial Professional training:

Technician in Animation 3D, games and interactive environments
Technician in Lighting, reception and treatment of the image
Technician in Sound for audio-visual and spectacles
Technician in Production of audio-visual and spectacles
Technician in project Achievement of audio-visual and spectacles
Laboratory of Image


Master in Film direction

Master in Photography direction

Master in Vfx/special effects

Master in 3D animation

In addition to audio-visual courses of these families, in collaboration with Hobetuz, INEM, Sarbideak, and the Device of Recognition of the Professional Competitions of the Basque Government.

With a formation eminently practical and giving a big importance to the creativity and the enterprising attitude, our values and the motivation have achieved that we are a center of audio-visual formation of reference endorsed by the companies of the sector and by both international and regional associations.


The quality is one of the basic priorities in the strategy of the Film and Video School and under this consideration, the direction promises to expire with the requisites of its students and clients, as well as the regulatory requisites, promising to improve also continuously the efficacy.

The management style is characterized by a deep human sense and a moderate operative flexibility, which redounds to a better use of the time, communication and formation, between others and therefore a participation higher that implies the attainment of the satisfaction of the clients and the motivation of the personnel.

The targets are established from the frame of reference that supposes this politics. For it, there are defined a few goals that it serves to plan the targets after its evaluation and comparison with the indicators of the processes, chasing:

To be the first center of Basque Country in the professional training of the audio-visual sector
To be known and recognized by the companies of the sector in incorporation of new technologies
To achieve the maximum possible labor insertion
To encourage and to take part in the organization of activities, days, conferences and projections related to the audio-visual sector
To impel and to support initiatives and audio-visual projects with active participation of the students
To develop and to spread teaching material, publications and audio-visual programs

To reach these goals the direction he encourages:

The quality work in the formation in the audio-visual field
The team planning
The development of the creativity, the steadfastness and overcoming
The work in team
The development of practical projects in the classroom


It is an association without lucre fortitude founded in 2004 and formed by 41 companies located in the Basque Country, which function consists of analyzing the market, its tendency and creating strategies to impel it.
The Film and Video School is part of Cluster Audiovisual of Basque Country, EIKEN. Together with the main audio-visual companies of the Basque Country.


The Film and Video School is a member of the International Association of Schools of Movies and Television (CILECT). This association groups Schools and Universities related to the audio-visual sector of international form, but every continent has its own association grouped inside the CILECT.