The Film and  Video School takes part actively in the program Erasmus offering the opportunity to its students to extend its knowledge of a dynamic form and with the advantage that supposes being able to practise the language of others countries.

This year 22 are the students who are enjoying these so well-known scholarships, the following one it is you who can be.

The countries to which they have moved to realize its practices are so changed like Poland, Hungary Finland, Romania, Greece, Malta, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, the United Kingdom and Portugal. The pupils have taken part in shootings of series, movies, publicity, there are working in concerts, illuminating theaters. . . have had the opportunity to realize all kinds practices.

To take part in the Programs of Mobility it is necessary to have knowledge of languages, a good school record and a good attitude. A selection of the requests is realized received based on:
School record
Language level