The Film and Video School, ESCIVI, has pleasure in presenting for the academic course 2015-2016 a cinematographic project, that full of illusion we are going to explain to you in the following lines.

At present, because the official nature of the studies is subject to the state legislation, we see like the study of the movies in this case it is differentiated and separated, so that we meet that the processes of production, achievement, assembly and adding of the soundtrack, it divides all of them of the cinematography, they are dissociated.

These high Grades have to be studied consecutively, doing very large the learning period, they are very useful for the labor world and they are recognized; but what happens when we are a person enterprising and see that we have left small the knowledge that the "official nature" offers us; that we think about how to tackle a project.

Every filmmaker in major or less measured search, feels and needs to carry out all these ideas that are encapsulated in the mind, we find the problem in that many of these persons although they have and have acquired certain knowledge of the matter do not know the way of directing, of managing and of giving form to all these human and material resources that are needed for the cinematographic creation.

This is the reason for which the ESCIVI in order to offer continuity to the higher education that exist, it presents the possibility of getting directly in the world of the direction of movies, helping every person interested by the possibility of carrying out its ideas and projects, with the guarantee and renocimiento that offers the Film and Video School, ESCIVI.

There will be born in mind all the aspects that wrap the cinematographic process, with an unbeatable professorship recognized in the audio-visual world, looking after the didactics, the learning process; with a solid curriculum, based so much the acquisition of theoretical knowledge as practical; the work in group will be indispensable to obtain the wished product (simulating the model of the movie industry).